Putting A Value On A Week Of Camp

Many souls have been saved through the ministry of the Pleasant Valley Ranch. Doug Krause dedicated his life to the youth ministry at PVR. He now returns to the camp every year with about 75-100 youth and many young people's lives are changed during that week of camp. Doug is just one of the many young people that have had their life changed because of the Pleasant Valley Ranch.


Each spring, winter, and fall, various groups utilize the camp for weekend retreats. Churches find the location, facilities and food of PVR provide a great source for reaching and teaching young people.

Summer Camps

Summer weeks are filled with excited young people daily challenged to live according to God's Word. Activities include swimming, blobbing, zipline, hiking and much more outdoor fun.

Sports Camps, Classics & Tournaments

With a new 16,000 sq. ft. gymnasium complex, PVR is now hosting sports camps, one-day classics, and tournaments. Volleyball and basketball players are enjoying the opportunity to play on a college-length hardwood court.